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Evaluating the Cost of Litigation Webinar

Evaluating the Costs of Litigation Webinar
Presented by Ken Nolan & Melinda Blackwell
Recorded on March 12, 2014
Additional Information:
Evaluating the Costs of Litigation Webinar This webinar discusses the cost of litigation both from a purely financial perspective as well as the "cost" of allowing opposing counsel to learn your litigation strategy and insights. Litigation is expensive. Costs include not only paying for counsel, but for a report from an appraiser, deposition and testimony fees, deposition transcripts, along with the potential exposure to reimbursing the other side their legal fees and costs. Careful consideration of these types of costs should be part of any decision whether to proceed to trial. In addition to these purely financial costs, there is also a risk in utilizing a taxing entity's in-house employee to testify as an expert witness. The in-house employee must be qualified to testify. If not, a serious risk exists that you may not have a testifying expert available, which can seriously impair your negotiating position. Another risk includes allowing opposing counsel the opportunity to gain insight into your overall settlement or litigation strategy when deposing an in-house expert. Is the potential cost-savings associated with utilizing a qualified in-house expert worth the attendant risks?
March 12, 2014

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