Dues Renewal Fees

IAAO membership dues are based on the calendar year, running from January 1 to December 31st. The normal dues amount for Regular and Associate members is $210 for print membership renewals. Paying this rate will allow you to receive continued benefits and services via the mail such as Fair+Equitable, our monthly magazine.

Electronic Membership Rate

IAAO offers an electronic rate for a fully electronic membership. Members have the option to select the electronic dues rate, will get all benefits and services delivered electronically and nothing will be mailed to them. Each electronic member will have to log in to his/her personal IAAO account to read Fair & Equitable, and other items online. The electronic rate is variable based on the member's country. For more information please see the International Dues page.

The electronic rate is not a discount for paying online or paying by credit card, nor is it an option to sign up for online billing.  If a member no longer wants to get anything from IAAO in the mail and would like to read everything online, then he/she should initial the renewal invoice where it is asked for in the middle of the form. The invoice can then be returned to IAAO with the dues payment.

If a  member would like to continue receiving IAAO mailings, that individual will need to pay the renewal at the $210 price level. The invoice can be mailed or faxed (816) 701-8149 with payment. A member can also log in to his/her account and pay the renewal online.  

Renew Your Dues

 Please contact IAAO with any questions at (816) 701-8100 or membership@iaao.org.