Governing Documents

Table of Contents for the IAAO Constitution, Bylaws and Procedural Rules


The IAAO Constitution is the document of empowerment whereby the membership of the Association passes powers and establishes duties to the leadership of the Association. It enables the leadership to establish the procedures and rules, which will govern their own action and to establish subordinate groups that can, within procedural limits set by the leadership, carry out the policies and programs of the Association.


Bylaws are the important rules that enable an organization to operate in an orderly manner. They are less rigid than constitutional provisions but more rigid than procedural rules. Bylaws are a new component in the operation of the IAAO. The sources from which they have been compiled include the IAAO Constitution, the former Policies and Procedures Manual, and the recommendations of the Infrastructure Review Committee’s report. Bylaws cannot be waived, suspended, or ignored.

Procedural Rules

Procedural Rules are the detailed guidelines for carrying out a specific procedure, policy, or program of the IAAO. These rules are promulgated and maintained by the Executive Board. They are the rules that are to be followed by subordinate groups designated by the Executive Board as the group having the responsibility for implementing and continuing a policy or program of the Association. The Procedural Rules also follow the basic structure and format of the IAAO Constitution.

Code of Ethics

As a matter of fundamental principle, IAAO members should adhere to the highest ethical standards. Public trust in our performance is the foundation of our credibility. Assessment professionals support IAAO because they trust us to be good stewards of their resources, to uphold rigorous standards of conduct and to serve as a catalyst for excellence in the assessment profession.

Strategic Long Range Plan

The Vision 2020 Strategic Long Range Plan adopted by the IAAO Executive Board on July 2, 2015.

Annual Reports

Annual Report - 2017   &  Year in Review

Annual Report - 2016

Annual Report - 2015

Annual Report - 2014

Annual Report - 2013

Annual Report - 2012

Annual Report - 2011

Audit Reports

Audit  - 2017

Audit  - 2016

Audit - 2015

Audit - 2014

Audit - 2013

Audit - 2012

Audit - 2011

Tax Forms

990 & 990T - 2016

990 & 990T - 2015

990 & 990T - 2014

990 & 990T – 2013