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GIS Technology Survey for Assessment Professionals

Keeping up with the changes in technology in the assessment industry is an important task for all assessment offices and an area IAAO continues to work on to assist members. In 2018 IAAO conducted a survey among members regarding the use of GIS tools and technologies in valuation offices and the full results charted from the 20 question survey are now available as the GIS Technology Survey for Assessment Professionals.

The survey received 509 responses from IAAO members and the goal of the survey was to identify both common uses of GIS and emerging applications of newer GIS technologies to expedite daily operations and enhance mass appraisal. There has been a demand to discover what our industry has already embraced and to identify what uses of GIS technologies are quickly coming down the road.

Detailed survey finding charts were created using R, an online open-source software (free at www.r-project.org) to illustrate what can be accomplished using free statistical and data analysis tools. If you have questions regarding the survey or responses please contact Paul Bidanset.

Staffing Benchmark Survey

Staffing in Assessment Offices in the United States and Canada: Results of 2013 Survey
Conducted through the Academic Partnership Program under the direction of the IAAO Research Committee.

Lawrence C. Walters, Ph.D., is a Professor of Public Management and Policy at the Romney Institute of Public Management, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah. 

Research Committee members at the time of the survey were Ronald Rakow, Chair; Kenneth C. Uhrich; Shawn T. Ordway; Gary Snyder, RES; August Dettbarn; Ruel J. Williamson; and Staff Liaison Mary Odom, MLS.

Members: Download the FREE PDF report from the Marketplace or the LibraryLink Catalog. The raw data spreadsheet costs $75 and is available in the Marketplace.

Non-Members: The PDF report is available for $50 in the IAAO Marketplace, and the raw data spreadsheet for $75.

Email the Research Librarian with any questions or comments: library@iaao.org

State Roll Call: Requirements for Assessor Licensing/Certification

The highly anticipated report is NOW available!

The IAAO Research Department announces a new resource for property assessment personnel which is the definitive guide to all licensing/certification programs by state. The report includes mandatory and voluntary programs, statutes & regulations, continuing education, and the relationship of these programs to IAAO education and designations.

Download a free copy of the 2016 State Roll Call.

In years past, the Research Department analyzed all the certification programs across the country to track the various features of mandatory, incentive, and voluntary models. The last iteration was compiled in 1992. As part of the Emerging Trends Survey conducted in late 2015, the department endeavored to update these data and create a State Roll Call of statutes and regulations which govern the certification of local assessors. The assessment industry has gained much ground in raising the level of professionalism through state mandatory certification programs. However, as a leading education provider, IAAO has lost ground in the acceptance of its designations to fulfill the requirements of state programs.

PTAPP Survey

What is PTAPP?  Property Tax Assessment and Policies and Practices Survey

In response to a need for current information about property tax systems, IAAO has published surveys of the features of property tax systems in Canada and the United States. This compilation is the latest in the series. Although the main audience is property tax administrators and policy makers in the two countries, readers from other countries may find it helpful as well.

2018 Update

The 2018 Update of the Property Tax Assessment Policies and Practices Survey (PTAPP), published in the IAAO Journal of Property Tax Assessment & Administration (Vol. 16, No. 1, 2019) was compiled by the 2018 PTAPP Task Force  lead by Alan Dornfest, AAS. Task force members included: Jennifer Rearich, MAS, Richard Almy, and Doug Brydon along with input and assistance from IAAO staff members, Heather Steel and Margie Cusack.

 For the first time, PTAPP results may also be viewed on an inactive map allowing for greater visualization of locational response, this effort was made possible by the additional efforts of Jennifer Rearich, MAS wishing to illustrate the enhancement and benefits of geospatial data display. Click here to view PTAPP results on a map.

Download 2018 PTAPP Results

Excel Data
JPTAA Article 

2012 Update

The 2012 Update of the Property Tax Assessment Policies and Practices Survey (PTAPP), published in the IAAO Journal of Property Tax Assessment & Administration (Vol. 11, No. 3, 2014) and compiled by Alan Dornfest, AAS, Steve Van Sant and Rick Anderson.

Download 2012 Survey Results Article

Ratio Studies Survey

Periodically over the past 20 years, prevalent practices and issues in ratio studies have been explored by comparing U.S. states, Canadian provinces and territories, and a few local jurisdictions in terms of frequency of studies, standards used to evaluate results, and final use of results. The latest surveys were conducted by the IAAO Technical Standards Committee in 2008 and 2011.

Disclaimer: Users of this data should exercise caution when interpreting totals. Some totals in the final report are different from the raw data based on interpretation and selective follow-up.

Right click on a link to download the document.

State and Provincial Ratio Study Practices: Results of 2013 Survey ( 521 KB)
(Published in Journal of Property Tax Assessment & Administration, Vol. 12, Issue 1)

State and Provincial Ratio Study Practices: 2013 Raw Data (Excel file, 75 KB)

State and Provincial Ratio Study Practices: Results of 2011 Survey ( 652 KB)
(Published in Journal of Property Tax Assessment & Administration, Vol. 9, Issue 1)

State and Provincial Ratio Study Practices: 2011 Raw Data(Excel file, 150 KB)

State and Provincial Ratio Study Practices: Results of 2008 Survey ( 445 KB)
(Published in Journal of Property Tax Assessment & Administration, Vol. 6, Issue 2)

State and Provincial Ratio Study Practices: 2008 Errata(updated August 2009,  37 KB)

State and Provincial Ratio Study Practices: 2008 Raw Data(Excel file, 189 KB)
(Text responses from survey are provided in a separate file.)

State and Provincial Ratio Study Practices: 2008 Tally of Results (Excel file, 477 KB)

2008 Written Responses and Notes in Survey (Excel file, 61 KB)

IAAO 2003 Ratio Study Practices Survey  ( 3 MB) 
(published in Journal of Property Tax Assessment & Administration, Vol. 1, Issue 1)

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