Who is Professional Consulting Services of IAAO, LLC?

For more than 75 years, IAAO has provided objective, insightful advice to property assessment and taxation jurisdictions around the world. Promoting innovation and excellence in property appraisal, tax policy and administration, the IAAO will work with you to find solutions to complex property tax problems. Leveraging years of research, training and experience, IAAO is able to offer you specialized consulting and technical advice on a broad range of assessment issues. We will help you every step of the way with sound advice and a detailed road map.

GAP Analysis

IAAO Professional Consulting Services (PCS) can help you and your jurisdiction establish performance benchmarks through an all-new, gap analysis service. With this Gap Analysis, you will know where you stand and where to focus your time, energy, and resources to advance your jurisdiction to the next level of expertise. The Gap Analysis examines your assessment office and compares existing practices and procedures with industry best practices as outlined in the IAAO Technical Standards:
  • Laws and Regulations
  • Management and Staffing
  • Information Technology
  • Cadastral Mapping
  • Marketing Areas and Neighborhood Delineation
  • Data Collection and Maintenance
  • Sales Data and Ratio Studies
  • Land Valuation
  • Residential Valuation
  • Commercial Valuation
  • Public Relations

Reassessment Monitoring

IAAO Standards state that property characteristics data should be reviewed and updated at least every 4 to 6 years, which involves reinspection of all property. If your current practices and procedures do not match with IAAO's Standards on reappraisal and you facing a reassessment, it may be time for you to reach out to PCS to get us involved in monitoring your project. 

Other Services
In addition to the Gap Analysis and reassessment monitoring, PCS provides a wealth of services aimed at promoting best practices for the assessment administration market.


Carrying out a revaluation of over 700,000 residential parcels in one appraisal in Northern Ireland on a new basis and after a gap of 30 years was certainly a challenge for the Government's Valuation Agency. Strong international working relationships with IAAO were built up over a period of ten years culminating in the commissions of IAAO Professional Consulting. The professional input of IAAO expertise to the  training of staff and the leading technical advice at all levels to the project was instrumental in the recognized achievement of this major revaluation exercise. 
Alan Bronte, FRICS IRRV

The analysis and recommendations that result from an IAAO audit can be invaluable to any Chief Appraiser and can be used as a road map to improving the office...the report and recommendations definitely give you a clear idea of exactly what needs to be addressed and where you office stands as far as the industry is concerned. I have used the IAAO throughout my career for their professional opinion and I will continue to use them.
Richie McKeithen


IAAO is the parent company of PCS which is a registered not-for-profit educational organization dedicated to improving standards of assessment practices, fees for services are carefully considered. For further information on Professional Consulting Services of IAAO, LLC, please contact us directly at pcs@iaao.org or 816/701-8125.

Looking to Consult with PCS?

Do you have Interest in working as an Independent Contractor with Professional Consulting Services of IAAO? If so, please submit your relevant experience and training by utilizing the PCS contractor interest form, along with a cover letter, which includes your expected compensation range, and resume to: pcs@iaao.org