Welcome to IAAO Connect!

Welcome to IAAO Connect! IAAO Connect is a new collection of online communities for IAAO members.  An online community is a website where people are invited to come together to learn, educate, mentor and discover more about themselves and their peers. These communities will be a mix of groups both private (for example, Task Forces and Committees), and open (available to all IAAO members).

The IAAO Connect homepage is a bookmark worthy destination that will be your one stop shop for all things IAAO. On this single page visitors will be able to see the latest discussion posts and recently shared files from the Communities. Additionally, you’ll be able to find the latest in IAAO Social Media and Job postings. And finally, you’ll be able to stay up to date with the latest IAAO announcements and upcoming industry event details!

An IAAO Connect Community is your resource to ask questions you want answered by your industry peers in the form of a new discussion post. It will also be your chance to share your knowledge by helping others with their questions, providing your opinion, or even sharing digital resources in the community’s online library. Whether you have many years of experience, or you are just starting out in the industry, IAAO Connect will give you the chance to be part of the discussion.

How to get started with IAAO Connect:

1. Watch the intro video below
2. Review the training documents and FAQ link at the IAAO Connect Resource Page 
3. Head over to the IAAO Connect Home Page
4. Sign in with your existing IAAO website credentials
5. Complete your profile by adding a picture and a bio
6. Let your peers know you've arrived by replying to the "Introduce Yourself" Discussion Post!

Non-YouTube version of this video is available here!
To suggest an IAAO Connect Community visit our Suggest a Community page!