A key element to the success of any IAAO offering is ensuring that the course instructor is prepared to deliver a high quality classroom experience. To help ensure this experience, the IAAO has developed an Instructor's Handbook. This handbook includes the “Criteria for IAAO Instructor Selection, Qualification, Evaluation & Conduct”  and serves as a resource for the administrative duties and specific rules and regulations that IAAO instructors are expected to follow. Instructors should read this handbook to familiarize themselves with the functions of the IAAO organization.
The IAAO Professional Development Department understands that issues may arise that are not included in the Instructor Handbook. Should an instructor require assistance, we recommend that he or she call the Professional Development Department at 816-701-8100. IAAO office hours are 8:00 am–5:00 pm CST.
IAAO National Instructor List - features a list of approved Instructors to assist Coordinators in finding qualified national Instructors. (Please note: Due to privacy concerns some instructors may not appear on this list. For a complete list, please contact the Professional Development Department.)