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Annual Conference

The International Conference on Assessment Administration is the premier platform to share successes, discover best practices and learn from expert colleagues the latest research in the field of property appraisal. Educational sessions, networking opportunities and events, and a varied exposition equip assessment professionals with the tools needed to succeed. Conference attendees are given the opportunity to interact with peers from across the country as well as around the globe. The 2021 Annual Conference is scheduled for August 29 - September 1 in Chicago.

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Prep & Trial Seminar

The 2020 Preparation and Trial of the Property Tax Appeal Seminar has been cancelled. Details regarding the 2022 event are coming soon.

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GIS/Valuation Technologies Conference

URISA and IAAO offered a virtual GIS/Valuation Conference in 2021 and the 24th annual conference took place March 22-26.  Please check the Conference web page - www.urisa.org/valtech - for updates.


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Emerging Leaders' Summit

The Emerging Leaders' Summit (ELS) is designed to provide a powerful professional development opportunity for emerging leaders who have a desire to advance their careers in the assessment industry.

The 2021 Emerging Leaders’ Summit (ELS), “GROW into Coaching,” is a dynamic multi-part certificate program through which attendees will build an important leadership skill: coaching. Participants will engage in a content-rich program focused on leading through coaching. The GROW coaching model and a growth mindset are emphasized. The program includes three interactive live webinars (June 23, July 14, and Aug. 11), and culminates in a powerful hands-on event during this year’s IAAO Annual Conference in Chicago, “Embracing Change” (video available to nonattendees).

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International Research Symposium

The International Research Symposium is an annual event offering an exploration of the intersection of public policy and mass appraisal standards, guidance, and implementation challenges. The Symposium offers an exchange of knowledge and emerging technology trends for continuous improvement of land administration and property tax systems world-wide. The 2021 symposium has been cancelled and plans for the 2022 IRS are being developed, and more details will be coming soon.

Legal Seminar

The IAAO 42nd Annual Legal Seminar will be held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on December 2-3, 2021 and will cover legal topics of interest to members of the assessment and property tax industry.

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