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IAAO’s unique series of Webinars gives you the education you need conveniently and at a reasonable price for any budget. Covering all of the hot trends in the tax assessment industry our Webinars will provide you with the relevant and timely knowledge you and your staff require for your continued success.

What is a Webinar?

A webinar is short for Web-based seminar. It is a lecture, presentation or seminar that is presented live over the internet using video conference software, in our case WebEx. The session typically includes a PowerPoint presentation, hand-outs, and polling questions.

Benefits of a Webinar:

  • Time effective – Typically only 90-120 minutes and there is no travel involved.
  • Cost effective – The registration fee is the only cost and by becoming an IAAO member you can take advantage of the IAAO member rate of $45.
  • Convenient – You can attend the Webinar virtually anywhere you have internet access, in your office or at home.
  • Easy to Use – All you need is a computer with a high speed connection and you are good to go. Our webinar interface, WebEx, makes it easy.

Registration Fees

Member - $45
Non-Member - $90

Questions about listed Webinars or ideas for future Webinars may be sent to Daniel Fuchs at fuchs@iaao.org

The statements or opinions expressed by presenters in IAAO webinar presentations do not necessarily represent a policy position of the International Association of Assessing Officers.

Upcoming Webinars

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  • February 20 2019
    Mineral Rights Valuation 02/20/2019 IAAO Webinar Series - In the webinar you will learn how to apply the three approaches to value to mineral rights and mining property. The differences between mineral rights and other real estate properties will be analyzed. Sources of information for data used in the income approach will be examined. Methods for estimating economic and functional obsolescence in the cost approach will be discussed. Analysis of comparable sales of mineral rights will be investigated. Various mining techniques will be explained and related to real world valuation problems.

    1. Analysis of mineral rights
    2. Mining techniques
    3. Geology, economics, and orebodies
    4. Income Approach
    5. Discount Rates
    6. Sales Comparison Approach
    7. Cost Approach
    8. Plant & Equipment Values
    9. Real World Examples
    10. Positives and Negatives of each approach to value

    2-Hours of CEU

    Presented by Bradley D. Ross, CPG
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  • March 20 2019
    Successfully Prepare, Defend and Manage Large Appeals 03/20/2019 IAAO Webinar Series - While many assessors will routinely defend municipal assessments through an administrative appeal process or in court, there are certain properties that are, quite simply, different. At one point in her or his career, an assessor will be forced to mount a defense of such a massive assessment, coordinating with a team of municipal officials, legal counsel, and third-party experts.

    Through detailed discussion of real-life case studies, the presentation seeks to empower assessors to more fully understand the unique challenges involved in the "once in a career" abatement litigation. The goal of "preparing the mega case" is to help ensure that municipal assessors will be prepared to tackle those challenges head on and manage a team of professionals to ensure a successful defense.
    2-Hours of CEU

    Presented by N. Joel Moser Esq, MPA
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