IAAO, IPTI accepting topics for mass appraisal virtual symposium

The International Property Tax Institute and IAAO will present a joint (virtual) Mass Appraisal Valuation Symposium (MAVS 2024) on June 26-27, 2024, and are soliciting program topics for the symposium.  The theme of the virtual MAVS is “Challenges and Opportunities,” and IPTI and IAAO are inviting potential speakers to let us know if you would like to be included in the program.

Use the online application at www.iaao.org/mavspresent24 to submit the presenter information, topic, and a short synopsis of the proposed topic. The deadline to submit topic proposals is Feb. 2. 

Program Topics

IAAO and IPTI are seeking presenters for inclusion in the  program. If you have a presentation relevant to the above captioned theme, IAAO and IPTI would like to hear from you. 

Appraisal, valuation and assessment practitioners, valuation/assessment agency managers, municipal representatives, policymakers, technology professionals, academics and educators interested in sharing experiences and knowledge relative to property tax policy and valuations, including innovations, theory, application, management and practices should contact organizers.

The following are examples of areas of interest; however, all topics relevant to mass appraisal will be considered.

  • Experiences in Developed/Developing Countries
  • Current Global Issues in Property Tax
  • Mass Appraisal in Turbulent Times
  • Recent Developments and Advancements
  • Challenges in the Valuation of Unique Properties
  • Mass Appraisal Applications in Public and Private Sectors
  • Applications of Mass Appraisal to Non-Residential Properties
  • Valuation and Taxation Challenges
  • Avoiding Appeals - Preventing Wrong Decisions in Property Taxation Disputes
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Assessment and Valuation Issues
  • Application and Practice Using Modern Technology
  • Processes and Valuation Procedures
  • Understandable Tax and Assessment Policies
  • Stakeholder Concerns
  • Communication with Politicians and Stakeholders
  • Public Acceptance
  • Reforming the Property Tax: Opportunities and Challenges
  • Effective Management of Property Taxation
  • Understandable Tax and Assessment Policies
  • Data Management and Quality Control
  • Systems and Technology Development
  • Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal
  • Quality Assurance
  • Effective use of Mediation
  • Opportunities for Modernization and Improvement
  • Professional Standards and Ethics