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Supersize Me! The Valuation of Corporate Headquarters

Supersize Me! The Valuation of Corporate Headquarters
Presented by Tim Wilmath, MAI. SRA
Recorded November 28, 2018
Additional Information:
IAAO Webinar Series - This presentation will cover the valuation of corporate headquarters and large single-occupant corporate campuses. Very large single-occupant office buildings and corporate headquarters exist in almost every jurisdiction. Often, these are some of the largest buildings in a jurisdiction. Because of their size and high assessments, they are often appealed, and assessors must wrestle with many interesting topics. This presentation will also review some of the more interesting and prominent corporate headquarters around the United States, including Facebook, Best Buy, Google, and Apple. These buildings contain some of the most interesting architecture and features and make great examples for how to address some of the common appraisal and assessment challenges. 2-Hours of CEU

Presented by Tim Wilmath MAI, SRA
November 28, 2018

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