New York State Assessors' Association

The New York State Assessors’ Association (NYSAA) was incorporated February 14, 1940. The founders of the NYSAA established bylaws that require a twelve-member Executive Board to oversee the operations of the NYSAA. The Treasurer and Executive Secretary are employed by the NYSAA and are automatic non-voting members of the Board. The remaining ten seats are elected from the membership.

There are six two year seats, with three up for re-election each year. The remaining four seats are referred to as line officers. They are the President, First Vice President, Second Vice President and Past President. The Past President is automatically filled by the outgoing President at the completion of their presidency. Each of the line office seats are for one-year terms.


President Scott J. Shedler
1st Vice President Lloyd P. Tasch
2nd Vice President Jeneen Hill
Treasurer Laverne Tennenberg
Executive Director Warren J. Wheeler
Past President Rochelle A. Harris