Rosalyn Johnston Award

Named after Rosalyn Johnston for her years of service and dedication to IAAO, this award is presented to a person, regardless of membership type or status, who has contributed to fundraising and other public relations activities of IAAO over the years. The award recognizes those who have advanced the IAAO mission through the contribution of time, effort, talent and resources.

Year Recipient
2023 Stuart Topliff
2022 Mike Miano
2020  Kenneth Voss, CAE 
2019 None Given
2018  JoAnn Pierson 
Edye McCarthy
Marion Johnson, CAE
  Bruce Woodzell
2015 Kellianne Nagy, CAE
2014 Wayne Tenenbaum, Esq.
2013 Roger A. McCarty

Deborah K. Ring
2012 Sherron Schultz
2011 JoAnn F. Pierson
2010 Steve Van Sant
2009 David M. Heinowski
2008 Dean E. Babb
2007 Linda L. Cwiek
2006 Robert McGowan