Emerging Professional Award

This award is presented to an IAAO member who has, comparatively early in his or her career, made a significant contribution to IAAO by demonstrating leadership in the organization, participating in various IAAO activities, assisting other members and working toward the realization of IAAO’s mission. A nominee must have a minimum of two years of IAAO membership, but not more than 10 years. Previous winners of this award are not eligible. A successful nominee may have involvement with any activities IAAO encompasses. These activities may include, but are not limited to:
- Has been involved in an IAAO Chapter or Affiliate organization
- Has earned an IAAO professional designation and/or assisted other members with completing their designations
- Has demonstrated leadership within his or her jurisdiction on projects that have improved the assessment process for the benefit of the taxpayers and general public
- Has published articles, newsletters or other communication items that help the industry
- Has participated in technical research related to the assessment profession
- Has served on IAAO committees or other work groups
- Has developed technical tools or solutions to improve the assessment process through improved software applications, new methods of technical analysis, or use of new technology

Year Recipient Location
2023 Gregory T. Hutchinson Howell, NJ
Jordan Z. Marks San Diego, CA
2022 Raymond McCormick Los Angeles, CA
2021 Joseph Taylor Dobson, RES Huntsville, AL
2020  Allen Jolley  Los Angeles, CA 
2019 Jennifer Rearich, MAS, RES Arizona
2018 Jason Camp Mississippi 
2017 Kevin Prine, RES, AAS Virginia
  Mark Wyers, RES, AAS Arkansas
Nora Ann Doherty Illinois
2015 Samuel A. Walker, AAS, RES Indiana and Arkansas