For more than 75 years, IAAO has provided objective, insightful advice to property assessment and taxation jurisdictions around the world. Promoting innovation and excellence in property appraisal, tax policy and administration, IAAO will work with you to find solutions to complex property tax problems. Leveraging years of research, training and experience, IAAO is able to offer you specialized consulting and technical advice on a broad range of assessment issues. We will help you every step of the way with sound advice and a detailed road map.

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IAAO provides assistance in the following areas:

  • Tax Policy and Administration—drafting assessment legislation, defining exemptions and credits, evaluating property tax burden
  • Domestic Resource Mobilization—develop or strengthen property based tax systems. Lessons learned within established systems will be applied to either creating or strengthen the valuation, taxation or collection functions within new systems
  • Appraisal Process and Techniques—guidelines for real and personal property valuation, evaluation of manuals and cost schedules, mapping requisites, data systems, assessment cycle, integrating GIS and CAMA systems, benchmarking
  • General Assessment Administration—personnel requirements, systems, internal controls and management procedures, determining resource availability, development of RFPs
  • Quality Assurance—assessment standards, ratio studies, revaluation processes
  • Record Maintenance—assessment and tax roll development and management, transition to a digital environment, quality control
  • Reappraisal Program—determination of need, method of implementation, determining whether an outside appraisal firm is required, remote sensing technology and quality control Public Education—outreach programs, satisfaction surveys, streamlining of public access to assessment data
  • Public Education—outreach programs, satisfaction surveys, streamlining of public access to assessment data
  • Resource Analysis—standards for selection, compensation, training and certification, candidate testing, examination development, staffing levels and resources, environmental contamination policies valuation applications, best practices
  • Mapping—compliance with standards, integration of digital mapping technology programs
IAAO provides technical assistance services only at the request of the head of the agency involved. For further information on the scope and cost of such services, please contact us. All inquiries are confidential and without obligation.

Consultants Needed

The Technical Assistance Committee also wants to harness that talent and is seeking individuals to serve the organization on committees and for special projects including technical assistance. The goal of this project is to create a list of those willing to share their skills, talents and abilities as a Technical Assistance Consultant or Project Leader.


If you are interested please download the form and return to IAAO.