IAAO Board of Directors, Associate

Jason Camp, Ph.D.

Extension Specialist, Mississippi State University
Mississippi State, Mississippi 

Candidate Video

Jason Camp is an Extension Specialist for the Mississippi State University Extension Center for Government and Community Development. He became an active member of IAAO in April 2014.

In his capacity, he leads the Mississippi Assessor Education and Certification program and serves as the state’s IAAO Coordinator.

This program develops participant’s appraisal skills, provides opportunities for continuing education, and allows participants to gain greater professionalism through state level and IAAO designations. Camp works daily with the over 500 participants in this program providing technical assistance, educational opportunities, and administrative support.

Camp has served on the Chapter and Affiliates Subcommittee and since 2018 has been the Associate member on the IAAO Education Committee. In 2018 he was awarded the IAAO Emerging Professional Award.

IAAO has served as a catalyst for his career. He understands how this organization empowers its members by providing world-recognized education.

If elected for this position, Camp has three goals:
  1. To continue to provide high-quality education for members regardless of the size or location of their jurisdictions.
  2. To build the organization’s leadership capacity by inspiring younger members to become more active in all areas of the organization.
  3. To raise awareness of the essential function mass appraisal plays in local governments and elevate the status of assessors by developing more outreach opportunities.