Harry Galkin Award

Named after Harry Galkin, a long-time Associate member, this award is presented to the IAAO Associate member whose contributions during the past year(s) have been so worthwhile as to demand recognition. Contributions may have been in the area of writing or speaking on equalization, assessment, assessment administration or taxation. The individual also may have distinguished him or herself by advancing the IAAO mission through fundraising or the contribution of time, effort, talent and resources. Only IAAO Associate members are eligible for this award.

Year Recipient Location
2023 William A. Birkle Indianapolis, IN
2022 Jason Camp Starkville, MS
2020  Peter Korpacz  Mount Airy, MD 
2019 None Given  
2018  2017 Associate Member Committee  
Lou Newman, RES
Bentonville, AR
David Heinowski
Dexter, MI
2015 Rick Stuart, CAE Topeka, KS
2014 Lou Newman, RES
Bentonville, AR
2013 James A. Baker Pontiac, MI
2012 Heather Reichardt Bethesda, MD
2011 Lourdes Aguiar Miami, FL
2010 Wayne A. Tenenbaum, Esq. Leawood, KS
2009 Michael S. Heaton Overland Park, KS
2008 Michael P. Miano Boston, MA
2007 JoAnn F. Pierson Scottsdale, AZ
2006 Rosalyn Johnston Scottsdale, AZ
2005 David M. Heinowski Troy, MI
2004 Kellianne Nagy, CAE Southfield, MI
2003 Gary J. McCabe, CAE Boston, MA
2002 Ernest Beren Farmington Hills, MI
2001 Kellianne Nagy, CAE Southfield, MI
2000 Dean A. McQuown, CMI Chicago, IL
1999 Marsha L. Kleffman Chicago, IL
1998 Rosalyn Johnston Phoenix, AZ
1997 Dorothy O’Rourke Rochester, NY
1996 Nicholas J. Watz Orlando, FL
1995 Kenneth W. Voss, CAE Atlanta, GA
1994 David M. Heinowski Troy, MI
1993 John P. Taylor Atlanta, GA
1992 Mary Perry, CAE Taylor, MI
1991 Diane M. Ange, CAE Nashville, TN
1990 Robert A. Biggins Chicago, IL
1989 Frank O. Fox Atlanta, GA
1988 Dorothy O’Rourke Chicago, IL
1987 Gregory J. Lafakis, CAE Chicago, IL
1986 Dale Thune Los Angeles, CA
1985 William Gilbreath Memphis, TN
  Gordon Carpenter Toronto, ON
1984 Patrick T. Shields Skokie, IL
1983 Richard H. Hoffman, CAE Findlay, OH
  John L. Istel New York, NY
1982 Wayne A. Tenenbaum Kansas City, MO
1981 Robert A. Eckhardt, CAE Lansing, MI
1980 Nicholas J. Watz Minneapolis, MN
1979 J. David Hollingworth, CAE Nashville, TN
1978 Richard M. Clark Houston, TX
1977 Carl W. Brieske Cincinnati, OH
1976 none given  
1975 W. J. Langolis St. Paul, MN
1974 Derek S. McCleery Stamford, CT
1973 Merle R. St. Armour Fair Lawn, NJ
1972 H. John Brundage Los Angeles, CA
  Z. A. Sutter Atlanta, GA
1971 A. C. Thompson White Plains, NY
  Earl G. Graessle Southfield, MI
  William J. Costello Chicago, IL
1970 Ralph J. Bartoli Atlanta, GA
1969 John A. Reynaud White Plains, NY
1968 Mrs. Harry Galkin St. Louis, MO