Clifford B. Allen Most Valuable Member Award

Named after Clifford B. Allen, IAAO’s 35th president, this award is presented to a member who has made a significant contribution to IAAO for a period of years by participating in its activities and working toward the realization of the IAAO mission. A nominee must have 10 or more consecutive years of IAAO membership. Previous winners are not eligible. Criteria considered for the nominee includes, but is not limited to:
- Has served in an elected position of IAAO, as a committee member or chair, an IAAO instructor, a speaker at IAAO programs, a grader, an IAAO Representative or advisor
- Has actively promoted IAAO
- Has a record of distinguished publications
- Has been in other assessment and professional organizations
- Has served in other public service organizations

Year Recipient Location
2023 Terry R. Taylor, CAE, RES, AAS Orlando, FL
2022 Kevin Prine, RES, AAS Suffolk, VA
2021  William A. (Pete) Rodda, CAE, RES Norfolk, VA
2020  Virginia Whipple, AAS  Columbus, IN 
2019  Rita Rollins Higden, AR 
2018  Robert J. Gloudemans Phoenix, AZ 
2017 Amy Rasmussen, RES, AAS Des Moines, IA
Lisa A. Hobart, PPS Birmingham, MI
2015 William M. Wadsworth Clearwater, FL
2014 Arthur Partridge
Saint George, UT
2013 none given
2012 Linda Cwiek North Kingstown, RI
2011 Edward A. Crapo, AAS Gainesville, FL
2010 Marion R. Johnson, CAE Eudora, KS
2009 James F. Todora, CAE Sarasota, FL
2008 Paul A. Welcome, CAE Olathe, KS
2007 Alan S. Dornfest, AAS Boise, ID
2006 Thomas A. Jaconetty Chicago, IL
2005 Rick Stuart, CAE Topeka, KS
2004 Bob Boley, AAS Concord, NH
2003 Ronald D. Gibbs, CAE Prescott, AZ
2002 John C. Crissey, Jr., CAE Winter Park, FL
2001 Josephine Lim Victoria, BC
2000 George A. Donatello, CMS Ohio
1999 Guy Dale Shaw Water Valley, MS
1998 Joseph E. Hunt, CAE Chapel Hill, NC
1997 Frederick Chmura, AAS Hartford, CT
1996 Richard H. Hoffman, CAE Findlay, OH
1995 Jewette Farley, CAE Ruston, LA
1994 Larry Clark, CAE Kansas City, KS
1993 James Coffman, CMS Frankfort, KY
1992 Carol Kuehn Stevens Point, WI
1991 William H. Young Tucson, AZ
1990 Barbara G. Brunner Charleston, WV
1989 William A. Diggs, CAE Chesterfield, VA
1988 Jack E. Mayes Charlotte, NC
1987 Timothy N. Hagemann Lakin, KS
1986 Charles Hennington, CAE Shreveport, LA (posthumous)
1985 Richard A. Chandler, CAE Richmond, VA
1984 William S. Carman, Sr., CAE Nashville, TN
1983 Wayne C. Johnson, CAE Ann Arbor, MI
1982 Michael L. Austin, RES Bath, ME
1981 Tom Fleming, CAE Nashville, TN
1980 Verne W. Pottorff, CAE Iowa City, IA
1979 Robert H. McSwain, CAE Montgomery, AL
1978 Carl J. Madgett, CAE Sheltenhan, ON
1977 Harry S. Shipp, Jr. Upper Marlboro, MD
1976 Bernard W. Saler, CAE Wauwatosa, WI
1975 Joseph M. Vick, CAE Lincoln, NE
1974 Robert J. Flanagan, CAE New London, CT
1973 Donald R. Beach, CAE Phoenix, AZ
1972 Willis L. Holland, CAE Fort Madison, IA
1971 Anthony G. Ferraro, CAE Denver, CO
1970 Charles A. Henson, Jr. Atlanta, GA
1969 Robert H. McSwain, CAE Montgomery, AL
1968 Andrew S. Regis, CAE Des Moines, IA
1967 Kenneth C. Back, CAE Washington, DC
1966 Clifford B. Allen Nashville, TN
1965 Phillip E. Watson Los Angeles, CA
1964 George Kostishak, CAE Ann Arbor, MI
1963 Leo A. Haas, CAE Bloomington, IL
1962 John J. Carney, CAE Cleveland, OH
1961 none given
1960 Jose Collante Manila, PH
1959 Camille R. Godin, CAE Montreal, PQ
1958 David A. Brown, CAE Turner, ME
1957 Hayden W. Pittman San Jose, CA
1956 Andrew S. Regis, CAE Des Moines, IA
1955 Norman Register, CAE Dallas, TX
1954 none given
1953 Wilton T. Allen Rockville, MD
1952 Herbert K. Shay, CAE Fairfield, CT