Salary Surveys Directory

IAAO published a nationwide salary survey in 2017 which is available for purchase in the IAAO Marketplace.  Local surveys from various regions of the country have been compiled here. Arizona data is the only one that is not accessible online, but may be requested from the library by email

PI Buzz is a web directory of government employee salaries that includes state, county, and municipal employees along with some Canadian provinces. For jurisdictions that you cannot find here on this IAAO directory, try PI Buzz.


Title: Association of County Commissions of Alabama: Comparative Data on Alabama Counties 8th Edition 2006-2007
Note: To access the PDF file: select PUBLICATIONS (at the top right corner of the page) then "Comparative Data on Alabama Counties" (it is halfway down the page in the center list).



Title: Arizona Association of Counties Salary and Benefits Survey 2008
Note: Arizona 2008 County Salary Survey, IAAO Library has a copy of the CD. Request page 68 for salaries by county for data.



Title: Association of Arkansas Counties: 2016 County Employees Salary Survey
Note: 2016 Arkansas County Employees Salary Survey in PDF format.



Title: Salaries - Butte County, California 
Note: Butte County, CA salaries, 2006-2014. Search for "Assessor" in the position box.

Title: California Assessors' Offices Salary and Benefit Surveys - Property Taxes Department - Board of Equalization
Note: Current year is at the top of the list provided on the page.

Title: San Francisco Bay Area, California Public Employee Salaries



Title: Assessor's Reference Library Volume 2
Notes: Section 1.11 explains the "Assessor Compensation Plan" that is set by the general assembly. Each county is classified into one of 6 categories, and statutes define an assessor's salary base for each category.



Title:Kent County, Delaware Job Titles and Pay Rates
Notes: Select the titles related to assessment from the list to see the description and pay ranges.



Title: Wage and Salary Data and Reports for Cities & Counties 
Note: Annual updated searchable database and printable reports. In the database, search for "Chief Appraiser" in the drop down menu.



Title: Idaho Association of Counties -- Annual County Salary Survey
Note: Updated annually and includes elected officials. 


Title: Illinois Association of county Board Members: Salary Survey of Elected Officials 2009
Note: This survey is available for purchase. Not all counties are listed.



Title: Salary/Wages Elected County Officials section from 2009 AIC Factbook
Note: List of 2009 salary/wages of elected county officials in PDF format. Counties are divided up by population. Officials are divided up by rank/job classification. Assessors listed on pages 1-5, GIS Administrator on pages 21-25, 1st Deputy Assessor on pages 31-35,

Title: State Salaries Database 
Note: The Indiana Transparency Portal includes a database on salaries for state employees. To access, choose "Department of Revenue" or "DLGF & In Board of Review" in the agency field.


Title: Iowa State Association of Counties
Note: Select the "Non-elected Officials Salary" dropdown for "Assessor" then select "View Survey"


Title: Kansas Association of Counties - Compensation Surveys
Note: To access data; expand the Compensation Surveys folder. Appraiser Positions are covered in the Non-Elected Salaries PDF’s. Click on the Non-Elected Salaries by Position along the right side of the screen and scroll down to Appraiser for list of only appraisers by counties.


Title: Mississippi County Government Legal Digest
Note: 2013 Document.



Title: Salaries of public employees in Missouri
Note: The Missouri Accountability Portal (MAP) includes salaries of state employees. Searchable by agency or position.


North Carolina

Title: County Salaries in North Carolina 2013: Tax Administrator, Tax Assessor, Tax Collector and Property/Reevaluation Appraiser
Note: Tax Administrator, Tax Assessor, Tax Collector and Property/Reevaluation Appraiser listed. Created by University of North Carolina School of Government. Also past year's PDFs available 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013.


North Dakota

Title: North Dakota League of Cities Salary Survey
Note: Cities under 1,000; cities over 1,000 from 2006-2013 in PDF format.



Title: Ohio Comprehensive Salary and Fringe Benefit Survey
Note: Created by the Human Resources Department the PDF is broken down by job title.


Rhode Island

Title: Rhode Island Department of Revenue Municipal Finance Salary Publications 
Note: List Municipal Salary Surveys from 2012-current and the City & Town Council Salary & Fringe Benefits Survey for 2012.


South Carolina

Title: South Carolina Wage and Salary Reports - 2012
Note: 2012 Salary surveys: search for "assessor" in the PDF.


South Dakota

Title: 2013 South Dakota County Salary Survey 
Note: 2013 salary survey for South Dakota County Employees in PDF format



Title: Texas Salary Survey
Note: Created by the Texas Association of Counties. Several years are listed on the webpage corrections to the 2010 Salary Survey are listed on the website.





Title: 2010 Assessment Survey
Note: Created by the Virginia Association of Assessing Officers. Available to IAAO members by request from the Library. Newer versions are available from the VAAO.