Retired membership status is available to IAAO members who have retired from the profession and who have 10 or more consecutive years of membership in IAAO for only $85 per year! This reduced dues payment level cannot be added to a member’s account if he or she is employed on a part-time or full-time basis performing work that could qualify an individual for normal membership categories and dues rates. This level is available to Regular and Associate Members who meet the qualifications. Regular members will continue to enjoy the same benefits as active members, including:


If you hold a professional designation, there are three options available depending on your plans:
  • Maintain: if you still plan to use your designation as a credential, such as for consulting, instructing, or part time work, you’ll need to maintain annual designation dues and fulfill recertification requirements.
  • Exempt: if you will no longer use your designation as a professional credential, yet want to keep it in an “honorary” status, you can request to place your designation into exemption. This exempts you from annual designation dues and recertification requirements.
  • Relinquish: you can choose to simply relinquish your designation if you continue or end your IAAO membership.
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