IAAO educational programs are developed as part of a curriculum on appraisal procedures and assessment administration offered throughout the world, and under the guidance of the IAAO Education Committee.

To assist with changes due to the Coronavirus, IAAO is offering new online courses, including live online courses and self-study courses. More information is available under each segment. 

Local education coordinators determine when and where IAAO curriculum is offered. In addition, the local sponsoring agency handles all registration activities, including the collection of tuition and fees. The local coordinator's name and contact information are available on the Course Calendar.

IAAO provides program materials, which includes student reference manuals, solution pages, and final examinations.

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IAAO offers courses that consist of 30 instructional hours, exclusive of the final examination. Program materials include the Student Reference Manual, solution pages, and final examination, along with other learner-centered activities.

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Online Self-Study Courses

Students may take these courses at their own pace. Most are offered without instructor support. Students have 120 days from the date they begin the course to complete the material and take the final exam. Course materials are completely accessible online and upon successful completion students have immediate access to their completion certificate.

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Course Calendar

The IAAO workshop series consists of more than two dozen one to three-day programs. Exams are offered for the majority of the workshops. These topical programs are a great way to focus on meaningful content while earning Continuing Education Units (CEUs). 

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One-Day Forums

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The IAAO one-day forum series currently consists of programs that provide professional growth at a lower cost in terms of finances and time spent away from the office. 

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IAAO Designation Program

IAAO designations signify exceptional competence. Earning a professional designation offers tangible and intangible benefits, which may include a salary increase or additional responsibilities. The benefits include increased confidence and credibility. Pride is perhaps the greatest benefit of all, in that you proved to yourself that you could set a goal and fulfill the requirements necessary for attaining it.

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Designation Recertification

IAAO Designees are required to fulfill continuing education requirements in order to maintain their designation. Credit hours earned must be submitted to IAAO during a designee's five-year cycle.

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