Professional Designation: Candidacy Forms

New Candidacy Application
This is the form new candidates will need to complete. Candidates must be a member of the IAAO in good standing. Please remit all certificates of completion for required courses with your candidacy application.

Change of Designation Goal
This is the form a candidate will need to complete if they choose a different designation goal.

Candidacy Extension Form

This is the form a candidate will need to complete to request a one-year candidacy extension. The Professional Designation Sub-Committee must approve all such requests.

Designation Program Fees
This form outlines fees that will apply to candidates. The charges will vary with the length of candidacy, the designation goal, and the difficulty in completing the requirements.

Experience Record
Candidates may list their professional experience on this form.

Degree Alternatives Form
Use this form if you do not possess the required degree for the designation you are seeking.

Candidacy Cancellation Form
This form can be used to request the cancellation of an active candidacy.