Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I submit my continuing education hours for recertification credit?

Answer: You can enter, maintain, and submit hours for your cycle using the online IAAO Continuing Education Log (located on the IAAO website). Keep proof of attendance and any other supporting documentation on file in case you are audited; there is no need to furnish these with your log, but you can upload and include them as attachments.

Question: When should I submit my continuing education hours?

Answer: You may submit your hours during January and February of each year or at any time during the last year of your cycle. Inquiries about qualifying hours may be submitted at any time for review by program staff.
Gaining Credit
Requests for recertification credit will be processed during January and February of each year. Requests received after March 1 may be processed the following January, except during an extension period. Requests for recertification credit during an extension period will be processed immediately upon receipt, and the PDC will render a decision within thirty (30) days thereof.

Question: I am required to complete at least 14 hours of educational courses on the Uniform Standards of Practice and Professional Ethics (USPAP). Can I take the two-day course?

Answer: Yes, you may complete the two-day, 15-Hour National USPAP course (with or without exam) as long as you complete another, different release during your cycle. A new USPAP course is released every two years. For example, for a 2022-2026 cycle, if you complete the 2022/2023 15-Hour National USPAP course, you must also complete a 2024/2025 or 2026/2027 National USPAP course (15 hour or 7 hour update) during your cycle. Approved courses are IAAO Workshops 151, 181, 191, and any Appraisal Foundation approved National USPAP course. You must complete two, different National USPAP courses during each cycle.

Question: Can I take the online USPAP National Update course provided by McKissock? 

Answer: Yes, we accept this online version, even if your state does not.

Question: How will I know if the course, seminar, or workshop that I plan to attend will qualify as continuing education for my IAAO designation?

Answer: Education programs that are acceptable for recertification credit are local, state, provincial, national, or international assessor or appraisal sponsored courses, seminars, workshops, or symposia or any university or college course on subjects related to appraising, assessing, cadastral mapping, or assessment administration. Specifically excluded are organizational business meetings, committee meetings, or social functions and attendance at annual conferences other than specific workshops or seminar sessions at such conferences. The maximum number of recertification credit hours that can be granted for one program is 45; the minimum is one. Contact us if you still have questions.

Question: Can I access my recertification hours on the IAAO web-site?

Answer: If you started and saved an online Continuing Education Log form, yes you can use the link in the confirmation email you received to return to the form to view the hours you previously entered. Please see the accompanying Information Sheet on using the log form to learn how to view your hours from qualifying IAAO educational events. 

Question: I have taken more hours than is required. Can the additional hours be applied to my next cycle?

Answer: No, all hours for a cycle must be earned within the cycle dates.

Question: How often can I expect to receive an updated recertification credit summary?
Answer: Summaries are provided each time a log is processed and upon request.

Question: I am nearing the end of my recertification cycle. I have not yet completed the required number of educational hours. What can I do?

Answer: You may request a one-year recertification extension. Contact us for more information – 800/616-4226 ext. 8137 or

Question: Can I repeat a course I've completed in the past and use it towards recertifying my designation?

Answer: Yes, you may retake a course you've completed in the past and use the hours earned towards recertification. However, a course can only be applied once per cycle. If you complete a course more than once during a cycle, only one instance of that course can count towards recertification.

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