Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I submit my continuing education hours for recertification credit?

Answer: You may submit the Uniform Request for Recertification Credit, a copy of your certificate of completion or attendance, or the IAAO Continuing Education Log (located on the IAAO web-site). We accept your information by mail, email, or FAX.

Question: When should I submit my continuing education hours?

Answer: You may submit your hours during January and February of each year according to IAAO Procedural Rule 10.3.6 (below). Inquiries about qualifying hours may be submitted at any time for review by program staff.
Gaining Credit
Requests for recertification credit will be processed during January and February of each year. Requests received after March 1 will be processed the following January, except during an extension period. Requests for recertification credit during an extension period will be processed immediately upon receipt, and the PDS will render a decision within thirty (30) days thereof.

Question: I am required to complete at least 14 hours of educational courses on the Uniform Standards of Practice and Professional Ethics (USPAP). Can I take the two-day course?

Answer: The 15-hour USPAP Course no longer satisfies the USPAP recertification requirement for IAAO designees. Approved courses are IAAO Workshop 191, and any Appraisal Foundation approved 7-hour National USPAP Update course. Two 7-hour USPAP courses must be completed during recertification cycle.

Question: How will I know if the course, seminar, or workshop that I plan to attend will qualify as continuing education for my IAAO designation?

Answer: The IAAO Procedural Rules gives a thorough overview of qualifying courses, seminars, and workshops. Please consult the rules (beginning with Procedural Rule 10.11).

Question: Can I access my recertification hours on the IAAO web-site?

Answer: No – not at this time.

Question: How often can I expect to receive an updated recertification credit summary?
Answer: Once the request for recertification credits has been processed, you will receive an updated summary once a year and at the beginning of the last year of your cycle. Cycle reports are also issued after all hours have been demonstrated for your current cycle and are also available upon request.

Question: I am nearing the end of my recertification cycle. I have not yet completed the required number of educational hours. What can I do?

Answer: You may request a one-year recertification extension. Contact Headquarters for more information – 800/616-4226 ext. 8137 or

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