Candidate to Designee Process

Congratulations on your accomplishment! The hard work and time you have invested have brought you to this moment: the awarding of your designation. The following describes what you need to do next to receive your designation and what to expect as you transition from candidate to professional designee.

Next Step

Complete and submit the following two forms now. Once we receive these forms, we can proceed with conferring your designation:

Biographical Information

What to Expect

The Professional Development Committee will vote to confer your designation. These votes typically take place during the last week of each month. After confirmation, your new designation will be added to your IAAO account, at which time you may begin using it as a professional credential. New designations are then presented to the Board of Directors for recognition at their next regularly-scheduled quarterly meeting. 

The Biographical Information Form will be used to write an announcement that will appear in Fair & Equitable and on our social media channels, typically within two to three months after receipt of your form and photo. 

Your designation will be shipped to you via UPS approximately three weeks after it is conferred.


Credit hours are required to maintain and keep your professional designation. Your recertification cycle begins January 1 the year after your first designation is awarded and progresses in five year cycles thereafter. 

Details on recertification can be found on our website here:  Recertification

Certificate Framing

IAAO has arranged professional framing services with Framing Success, the market leader in achievement framing. This is an excellent way to not only proudly display your accomplishment, but also to protect it. Frames are made from sustainably harvested hard wood and a tree is planted with every purchase. IAAO has chosen to waive its commission and pass the savings on to you. Many options and price points are available. Note that clicking the link above will take you to their website, which is independent of IAAO's website. Framing is optional; your designation certificate will arrive in an IAAO padded certificate holder.

Designation certificate shown with optional frame
Designation certificate with optional frame