For IAAO Region 2

Lloyd Funk, CAE

Director of Assessment Services, Provincial Municipal Assessor
Winnipeg, Manitoba

I have the honor of being an IAAO member and serving our professional organization since 2013. IAAO provides education and certification that ensures assessment professionals have a strong knowledge foundation and the highest respect in the industry.

My over 28 years experience in the field of property assessment includes 13 years as a frontline property assessor inspecting and determining assessments for residential, farm and ICI (Industrial, Commercial and Investment) properties.

I have also had the opportunity of serving in senior leadership roles and since 2016, the Director of Property Assessment Services for the Province of Manitoba.

I have served on IAAO committees and task forces including Chapters and Affiliates, Membership, Designation Equivalencies, and Diversity and Inclusion.

I am the chair for the CAE Master Exam Task Force and member of the Professional Development Committee. I have also served on the Executive Board of the AAOM.

Assessment professionals across the globe need access to educational excellence that provides them with the ability to deliver assessment services at the highest level.

I will work tirelessly to ensure learning opportunities are available to meet the needs and aspiration
of all members across North America and internationally. 

I am committed to building the IAAO and provide members with the recognition they deserve for the critical work they deliver in their communities.