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IAAO has established a new Strategic Business Partner Program for year-round engagement of members and the business community. For more information about the program contact Leann Ritter at 816-701-8161.

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2775 Meridian Parkway Durham, NC 27713
Phone: 919-572-0901
Fax: 919-572-0783
E-mail: info@farragut.com
Website: www.farragut.com

Farragut empowers innovators by providing tailored CAMA solutions, data visualization, billing, and collection services, and more. Our foundation of trust and responsibility enables us to support individuals who fearlessly dream big and strive to make their visions a reality.  Farragut offers a diverse range of innovative products designed to enhance efficiency and decision-making across various sectors, including Arist Analytics for business intelligence, Arist CAMA for mass appraisal, Arist GIS for GIS departments, and Arist Appeals for streamlined appeals integration. 


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Product List

Arist AI (AI for Assessors)
Farragut is working on concepts to transform your property tax assessment processes using the integration of responsible AI and analytics.

Arist Analytics 
Easily visualize all of your data, make well-informed decisions, and improve team efficiency with our innovative business intelligence solution.

Arist CAMA 
Reach your full potential throughout each stage of the mass appraisal lifecycle with customizable, state-of-the-art CAMA tools.

Arist GIS 
Drive innovation, improve productivity, and maximize efficiency for your GIS departments with ParcelSync Pro and DeedSync by Farragut.

Arist Appeals
Integrate advanced appeals capabilities with CAMA, personal property, and billing for improved efficiency, accuracy, and results.