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IAAO has established a new Strategic Business Partner Program for year-round engagement of members and the business community. For more information about the program contact Leann Ritter at 816-701-8161.

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E-mail: assessment@esri.ca
Website: www.esri.ca

Founded in 1984, Esri Canada provides geographic information system (GIS) solutions that empower people in business, government, and education to make informed and timely decisions by leveraging the power of mapping and spatial analytics. In 2012, Esri Canada established a property assessment practice team with GIS experts and domain specialists. Esri Canada’s Assessment Practice is a team of approximately 40 professional services personnel who focus solely on implementing mass appraisal/valuation/property assessment solutions. This team has developed unparalleled knowledge in the application of GIS to solve assessment management business needs and has also developed the specific tools and methods to support configuring our solutions to deliver all assessment management protocols.


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