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Critical Issues Series: Understanding Intangible Assets

This course is designed to help you identify intangible assets and it will give you a basic understanding of how to exclude them from real property assessments.

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Emerging Leader's Summit 2024

By completing the DISC personal assessment as a jumping off point, leaders will learn new concepts and practical techniques for creating a high performing team. Join Dr. Judy Favor, Ph.D. and Heather Moser, M.S.Ed., Sr. Director, IAAO Professional Development in this multi-part experience as we learn to improve communication, productivity, and teamwork.

Includes the DISC assessment, one virtual session (August 8, 1:00 p.m. Central time), as well as a full day workshop at the IAAO Annual Conference (August 25). Also, plan to join us the early evening of August 24 for a meet-and-great reception.

Jurisdictions registering more than 3 attendees will receive $50 off all subsequent registrations.

GROW Into Coaching

This is the first course in IAAO's Emerging Leaders' Curriculum.

Old command and control leadership methods no longer service employees. According to Harvard Business Review, managers who practice a coaching leadership style ask questions instead of providing answers, support employees instead of criticizing them, and facilitate employee development through empowerment. Participants in this self-paced program focus on leading through coaching. The GROW Coaching Model and a growth mindset are emphasized.

Registrants gain access to three eLearning modules, engaging activities, supplementary materials. To complete this course, you must purchase a personal copy of the book Coaching for Performance by Sir John Whitmore, available on Amazon.

Mass Appraisal of Residential Property

This course introduces students to the tems and theory involved in the mass appraisal of residential properties.

Self-Study 101 - Fundamentals of Real Property Appraisal

This course is a self-paced course that you have 90 days from date of first access to complete. The Fundamentals of Real Property Appraisal course is designed to provide you with an understanding and working knowledge of the procedures and techniques required to estimate the market value of vacant and improved properties.

This course concentrates on the skills necessary for estimating the market value of properties using two approaches to value: the cost approach and the sales comparison approach.


Self-Study 102 - Income Approach to Valuation

You have 90 days to complete this course from date of purchase.

Income Approach to Valuation is designed to provide the students with an understanding and working knowledge of the procedures and techniques required to estimate the market value of vacant or improved properties by utilizing the income approach. The material covers real estate finance and investment, capitalization methods and techniques, analysis of income and expenses, operating income, selection of capitalization rates, and application of the approach.


Self-Study 300 - Fundamentals of Mass Appraisal

The Fundamentals of Mass Appraisal provides an introduction to mass appraisal and is a prerequisite for the 300 series of courses offered by the IAAO. Topics covered include single-property appraisal as compared to mass appraisal, components of a mass appraisal system, data requirements and analysis, introduction to statistics, use of assessment ratio studies in mass appraisal, modeling of the three approaches to value, and selection of a mass appraisal system.

Site Analysis

This is an introductory course to help assessors establish site values.

Workshop 411: Healthy Workplace Culture

Workshop 411, Creating a Healthy Workplace Culture, examines how each of us affects our work environment. Ideally, our workplace is one where we feel physically and psychologically safe to perform at our best. Workshop 411 identifies both situations that negatively impact a workplace, as well as positive strategies we can take to create the healthy work environment we all need. The workshop also covers federal and state statutes providing legal protection against harassment and discrimination. Finally, the workshop presents expectations for those affiliated with IAAO.