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IAAO’s Assessment Books Now Available on Amazon 

IAAO announced that its collection of informational books about the assessment industry, called Apendium, is now available for purchase from Amazon. The books range in price from $19.95 to $49.95 and the order page may be accessed through a link from the IAAO website at https://www.iaao.org/apendiumbooks.

Conference Call for Presentation Open!

The Call for Presentations is now open for the 85th IAAO Annual International Conference on Assessment Administration, Sept. 8-11, 2019, in Niagara Falls. Submissions can be made at https://researchexchange.iaao.org/conference. The deadline for submission is Sunday, Feb. 10, but interested individuals are encouraged to submit your presentation ideas as soon as possible. Registration discounts of up to $200 may be available to presenters.

Exposure Draft on Standard on Contracting for Assessment Services

The IAAO Board of Directors has approved for exposure for membership comment on the proposed update of the Standard on Contracting for Assessment Services. Members may download the draft version of the document and submit comments on the proposed document via IAAO Connect or by email at cusack@iaao.org. The comment period runs through January 24, 2019.

GIS for Property Tax book available on Amazon

IAAO has published a new book, GIS for Property Tax and Assessment Professionals, to help assessors understand and use GIS for all sorts of office operations. Written by property tax professionals, (the book) contains valuable information about the hands-on uses of GIS applications and technologies within all aspects of government valuation procedures and administration. The new GIS for Property Tax and Assessment Professionals is now available to purchase from Amazon at $29.99.

IAAO’s Assessment Books Now Available on Amazon

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Exposure on Standard on Contracting for Assessment Services

GIS Book Available on Amazon 

GIS/CAMA conference set for Feb. 25-28 in Portland

Registration is open for the 2019 GIS/CAMA Technologies Conference  Feb. 25-28 in Portland, Oregon and deadline for hotel rooms is Feb. 1. The conference will have four program tracks this year: GIS Technologies, Modeling and Valuation, Planning, Administration & Leadership, and Technology Showcase. Among the areas for the conference include programs on how to get started with modeling, planning and Implementing a CAMA system, high-definition imagery for any size jurisdiction, special issues in valuation, and the Geospatial Data Act. 

Early registration open for IAAO Annual Conference

Looking to get ahead of the new year and take care of registering for the 2019 IAAO Annual Conference prior to the end of 2018? IAAO has opened limited registration for the 85th IAAO Annual International Conference on Assessment Administration at the request of members who would like to pay for 2019 conference registration during 2018. Attendee and Guest registration is now available online or by using a paper form

2019 GIS/CAMA Conference

Annual Conference Registration

Industry Events

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  • February 25 2019
    23rd Annual GIS/CAMA Technologies Conference 02/25/2019 The GIS/CAMA Technologies Conference is jointly presented by URISA and IAAO and is designed to foster collaboration and integration of data, technology and functionality.

    The 2019 GIS/CAMA Technologies Conference will take place at the Portland Marriott Downtown.

    Registration is open at the URISA website and the early registration deadline is January 2.
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  • March 8 2019
    Spring Leadership Days 03/08/2019 Registration for this event is open to committee invitation only. Hotel Phillips 106 W 12th St Kansas City, MO 64105 United States Add to Calendar
  • March 20 2019
    Successfully Prepare, Defend and Manage Large Appeals 03/20/2019 IAAO Webinar Series - While many assessors will routinely defend municipal assessments through an administrative appeal process or in court, there are certain properties that are, quite simply, different. At one point in her or his career, an assessor will be forced to mount a defense of such a massive assessment, coordinating with a team of municipal officials, legal counsel, and third-party experts.

    Through detailed discussion of real-life case studies, the presentation seeks to empower assessors to more fully understand the unique challenges involved in the "once in a career" abatement litigation. The goal of "preparing the mega case" is to help ensure that municipal assessors will be prepared to tackle those challenges head on and manage a team of professionals to ensure a successful defense.
    2-Hours of CEU

    Presented by N. Joel Moser Esq, MPA
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  • May 30 2019
    Emerging Leadership Summit 05/30/2019 Join IAAO for the first-ever Emerging Leadership Summit in Washington, DC on May 30-31, 2019. We'll explore emerging trends, leadership, professional development, property valuation and land administration for property tax development world-wide.
    Watch for more information coming soon!
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  • September 8 2019
    85th Annual Conference On Assessment Administration 09/08/2019 To assist members who would like to register early, IAAO is opening registration for the 2019 Annual Conference on a limited basis. Currently only full Conference registration and Guest Registration is open. Complete Conference registration will open in March. Add to Calendar
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Looking for an IAAO resource? Find all of our internationally recognized publications, standards, and periodicals here. Members have full access to the IAAO Library as well as IAAO Connect, our member community networking tool.

Research Exchange

The new IAAO Research Exchange is also now available. The Research Exchange is the central repository for research papers and journal articles relevant to the property tax assessment and administration community.

Subject Guides

The library recently released two new subject guides. The Sharing Economy Subject Guide provides links to articles, reports and websites with information on this new part of the economy. On landfills, there are two different ways to look at the valuation of landfills and the subject guide provides sources on both the appraisal of the landfill itself and also the impact on the surrounding properties. 

Research Exchange

Subject Guide on Room Sharing Economy

New Landfill Subject Guide

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