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IAAO has released the association's position paper on valuing big-box stores. The paper, "Commercial Big-Box Retail: A Guide to Market-Based Valuation," was published by the Special Committee on Big Box Valuation, under the direction of the IAAO Research Subcommittee and IAAO Executive Board.

The paper was released on Tuesday, September 26 at the IAAO Annual Conference in Las Vegas and was reviewed during the program "The Research and Findings of IAAO’s Big Box Task Force." The IAAO position paper focused on the key elements that assessment officials consider when addressing the challenges of Big Box store valuation. This Task Force was overseen by the IAAO Research Subcommittee. 

IAAO held a Town Hall at the Annual Conference in Las Vegas to review changes to committee and volunteer opportunities. For additional information on the changes and how they impact individual committees, please see the video recorded by President Randy Ripperger, CAE and see the committee diagram

To assist members in providing information about the assessment process, IAAO has  developed a public information brochure, Understanding Your Assessment, explaining how the value of property is estimated and what causes it to change. Copies of the brochure are available to purchase online in quantities of 50 at $17 per each 50.

Additional recent changes have made to the Standard on Valuation Models (AVMs) and a new version is exposed for comments until October 9th.

Information on candidates and a constitutional amendment are available to view. The election will be electronic only and starts November 1.

The guide on intangibles developed by the IAAO Special Committee on Intangibles is now available for download. See the Technical Standards page for more on Understanding Intangible Assets and Real Estate: A Guide for Real Property Valuation Professionals.


IAAO Big-Box Paper Now Available

AVM Standard rereleased for exposure and additional comments

New Volunteer Opportunities in 2018

Vote in the IAAO Election November 1 – 30, 2017

Guide on Intangibles Released

Abstracts accepted for 2018 Symposium;
Registration for 2017 Symposium underway

Registration is now open for the 11th International Research Symposium, October 30-31, 2017 in Madrid, Spain and abstracts are now being accepted for the 12th International Research Symposium, set for April 5-6, 2018 in Prague, Czech Republic.

In addition, the 83rd Annual International Conference on Assessment Administration is set for September 24–27, 2017 at Bally's Las Vegas. Check out the conference webpages.

Other upcoming events include September's free webinar where you can join members of the Professional Designations Subcommittee as they discuss these changes and take your questions on how they apply to you. You'll learn how to qualify for a designation without a college degree, how you can apply your AI or ASA designation towards an IAAO designation, and the latest on IAAO's newest designation, the Mass Appraisal Specialist.

2017 International Symposium Registration

2018 Symposium Abstracts

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  • October 18 2017
    October Webinar - Update on Outdoor Advertising 10/18/2017 IAAO Webinar Series - The purpose of the webinar is to provide tax assessment officials and appraisers a thorough understanding of contemporary taxation and assessment principals for outdoor advertising signs and displays. Tax valuation and assessment experts will discuss the history of ad valorem tax treatment along with distinction of valuation for condemnation valuation purposes. The results of a national survey and perspective on outdoor advertising taxation and the uniformity doctrine will be included along with an analysis of specific tax cases from several states. This webinar is targeted for local and state tax assessment officials along with other appraisal/valuation experts so as to facilitate an understanding of outdoor advertising tax assessment matters particularly at the local level. Add to Calendar
  • October 30 2017
    International Research Symposium 10/30/2017 The 2017 IAAO International Research Symposium is set for October 30-31, 2017 in Madrid, Spain, and will offer an exploration of the intersection of public policy and mass appraisal standards, guidance, and implementation challenges. The focus will be on the exchange of research and knowledge for continuous improvement of property tax systems worldwide. Add to Calendar
  • December 7 2017
    38th Annual Legal Seminar 12/07/2017 The 38th Annual Legal Seminar offers the unique perspective of members who are primarily involved in legal issues.

    The seminar presents substantive and procedural developments in law that affect assessments and valuation.

    The seminar will take place in Seattle on December 7-8.
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The library recently released two new subject guides. The Sharing Economy Subject Guide provides links to articles, reports and websites with information on this new part of the economy. On landfills, there are two different ways to look at the valuation of landfills and the subject guide provides sources on both the appraisal of the landfill itself and also the impact on the surrounding properties. 

Subject Guide on Room Sharing Economy

New Landfill Subject Guide

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