Professionals in this role perform work of routine difficulty under the immediate supervision of a more senior professional. This work typically involves collecting property information and appraising real estate for assessment purposes.

If you are interested in the assessment profession, this position provides an entry point and the basis for advancement within an assessment office. At this level you can explore any of the IAAO designations shown below.
Body of Knowledge Overview
People in this role typically perform these tasks which are supported by the indicated knowledge areas.
KAs & Resources
Measure buildings KA-2
Research cost, income, and sales data KA-2
Make calculations and apply results to appraisals of specific buildings KA-4
Collect and analyze data relative to the valuation of real property KA-2
Collect data on number and type of rooms, type of construction, age, and other conditions affecting values KA-2
Make field and office appraisals of less complex residential and commercial property after undergoing sufficient training under close supervision KA-4
Attend appraisal courses as prescribed by the appointing authority IAAO Courses