This Knowledge Area includes skills related to the legal basis for assessment and valuation, reassessment and reappraisal cycles, property tax base, exemptions, and taxation.

When you master the knowledge in this area you will understand the underlying reasons for all appraisal activities and you will have a foundation for interpreting and applying the statutes and regulations. Proficiency in this area is a stepping stone toward all the IAAO designations.
Body of Knowledge Overview
Roles & Tasks
Proficiency in this knowledge area will help people in these roles perform the indicated tasks.

Appraiser-Real Estate
  • Receive and investigate complaints about property assessments, make reappraisals, and submit recommendations for consideration at hearings

Appraisal Supervisor
  • Assist the public with questions about state assessment laws and local policies and procedures

Assessment Administrator
  • Ensure the timely and accurate assessment of all real and personal property in the jurisdiction

Tax Policy Analyst
  • Maintain a working knowledge of the existing legal framework of the property tax system
  • Track policy proposals in the legislature for the purpose of educating legislators and local jurisdiction officials regarding their impact on the property tax system

State Regulator
  • Monitor performance and perform other analyses
  • Enforce property tax laws and regulations, including equalization