Professionals in this role supervise units responsible for the appraisal of all real estate located within an assigned geographical area of the jurisdiction.

If you have management aspirations, this is the first supervisory position in the assessment office career ladder. At this level we encourage you to work toward the attainment of the AAS, CAE, or RES designations (see below).
Body of Knowledge Overview
People in this role typically perform these tasks which are supported by the indicated knowledge areas.
KAs & Resources
Supervise a unit engaged in the appraisal of residential, commercial, industrial, special-purpose, and vacant properties within an assigned geographic area KA-4
Assign work to appraisers and train and assist them in the performance of appraisal activities KA-5
Support appraisals in hearings before the Board of Review and course of record KA-6
Make appropriate disposition of complaints by the public concerning assessments KA-6
Keep quantitative and qualitative records of appraisal activities KA-5
Make reports and perform administrative activities as required KA-5
Assist the public with questions about state assessment laws and local policies and procedures KA-1, KA-7