This Knowledge Area is concerned with inquiries, complaints, and valuation/assessment appeals.

Proficiency in this area will enable you to deal effectively and expeditiously with property owners and their complaints within prescribed timelines. Knowledge gained in this area is a stepping stone toward the Assessment Administration Specialist (AAS) designation.
Body of Knowledge Overview
Roles & Tasks
Proficiency in this knowledge area will help people in these roles perform the indicated tasks.

Appraiser-Real Estate &
Appraiser-Personal Property

  • Receive and investigate complaints about property assessments, make reappraisals, and submit recommendations for consideration at hearings
  • Prepare and support technical cases to defend contested assessment in court proceedings or Board of Review appeal hearings

Appraiser Supervisor
  • Support appraisals in hearings before the Board of Review and course of record
  • Make appropriate disposition of complaints by the public concerning assessments

CAMA Systems Modeler/Statistician
  • Support the defense of CAMA system values