Assessment Administrator
Professionals in this role supervise the assessment of all real and personal property within the jurisdiction in compliance with relevant state statutes and regulations.

If you enjoy being in charge of an important professional enterprise, in this role you will have overall responsibility for the operation of an assessment office. At this level we encourage you to work toward the attainment of the AAS and CAE designations (see below).
Apendium Overview
People in this role typically perform these tasks which are supported by the indicated knowledge areas.
KAs & Resources
Supervise all staff in the assessment department KA-5
Ensure timely and accurate response to public inquiries regarding the operation of the assessment office KA-7
Prepare and monitor an annual budget KA-5
Hire, monitor, and retain sufficient staff to meet statutory and regulatory assessment requirements KA-5
Ensure the timely and accurate assessment of all real and personal property in the jurisdiction KA-1, KA-4, KA-8