This Knowledge Area includes skills related to discovering property, developing and reporting property value, mass appraisal and single property appraisal, using the three approaches to value, land valuation, and value reconciliation, while considering specific property types.

This knowledge area is the core of the Apendium. Proficiency in this area gives you the foundational skills that enable you to plan and perform appraisals. Proficiency in this KA is a stepping stone toward four of the six IAAO designations: Certified Assessment Evaluator (CAE), Residential Evaluation Specialist (RES), Mass Appraisal Specialist (MAS), and Personal Property Specialist (PPS).
Apendium Overview
Roles & Tasks
Proficiency in this knowledge area will help people in these roles perform the indicated tasks.

Entry Level Appraiser
  • Make field and office appraisals of less complex residential and commercial property after undergoing sufficient training under close supervision
  • Make calculations and apply results to appraisals of specific buildings

Appraiser-Real Estate &
Appraiser-Personal Property

  • Make field and office appraisal of more difficult and complex residential, commercial, industrial, special purpose, and vacant properties

Appraiser Supervisor
  • Supervise a unit engaged in the appraisal of residential, commercial, industrial, special-purpose, and vacant properties within an assigned geographic area

Assessment Administrator
  • Ensure the timely and accurate assessment of all real and personal property in the jurisdiction

CAMA Systems Modeler/Statistician
  • Develop and maintain valuation models for all three approaches to value
  • Develop and perform ratio studies on all identified market areas in the jurisdiction

State Regulator
  • Assist and counsel local assessors and other property tax officials