Professionals in this role perform work of considerable difficulty in appraising real estate for tax assessment purposes under the supervision of a senior professional.

If you are interested in the real estate aspects of our profession, this position is a step up from the entry-level and focuses on real estate appraisals. At this level we encourage you to work toward the attainment of the AAS, CAE, or RAS designations (see below).
Body of Knowledge Overview
People in this role typically perform these tasks which are supported by the indicated knowledge areas.
KAs & Resources
Make field and office appraisal of more difficult and complex residential, commercial, industrial, special purpose, and vacant properties KA-4
Gather, record, analyze, and maintain a variety of data such as zoning, asking and selling prices, income, and building costs to determine appraised values KA-2
Receive and investigate complaints about property assessments, make reappraisals, and submit recommendations for consideration at hearings KA-1, KA-6
Assist in the training of lower level appraisers KA-5
Prepare and support technical cases to defend contested assessment in court proceedings or Board of Review appeal hearings KA-6
Update and correct file property information KA-2