International Research Symposium Registration Open
Registration is now open for the IAAO International Research Symposium, set for May 13-15 at the Copenhagen, Marriott. The Symposium will showcase solutions taught by valuation and property tax practitioners that have tangible impacts on appraisal accuracy and efficiency.
Presenters will demonstrate to attendees not just what was done in their specific case studies, but also how it was accomplished, so attendees may return to their offices with an intuitive understanding of new tools they can begin implementing immediately.
The framework of the symposium is based on 3 T’s:
•    Technology - what's available to us as valuers?
•    Tools - how do we harness this technology and integrate it into our workflows to improve valuation performance?
•    Teamwork - how do we integrate this with others to benefit?
The sessions will be grouped into themes and scheduled in the order of the valuation lifecycle:
Data: Quality, Collection, and Pre-valuation Analysis Topics
  • Remote data collection
  • Determining whether data are appropriate for estimating valuations
  • Creating maps with property characteristics, trends, and statistics
  • Preparing data for valuations
Valuation: Models, Workflows, and Defensibility Topics
  • Recent enhancements in automated valuation models (AVMs) and mass appraisal models, including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and spatial models.
  • The AVM lifecycle
  • Improving valuations with time and location adjustments
Quality Control: Identifying Inaccuracies and Improving Valuations Topics
  • Maintenance and upkeep of valuations and models in changing markets
  • New developments in ratio studies to more accurately detect inequities
  • Reducing revalution inefficiencies with geographic information systems (GIS)
Leadership: Integration and Implementation Topics
  • Interpreting and explaining AVMs to stakeholders (including taxpayers)
  • Optimizing valuations with humans and AI
  • Updating workflows with new technology
Don’t miss the AVM roundtable!
Prior to the symposium, the IAAO invites those working with or are interested in learning how to create automated valuation models (AVMs) to an open AVM Roundtable meeting and networking event. The purpose of this Roundtable is threefold:
  • Learn more about the needs (training, continuing education, compliance assistance, etc.) needs of AVM practitioners in Europe to better support our European members.
  • Introduce IAAO courses, education, and other available resources for valuation and AVMs, specifically.
  • Acquaint attendees with each other's professional backgrounds to help facilitate a more robust symposium experience
Registration fees are $650 for members and $800 for nonmembers.


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