South Carolina Association of Assessing Officials

The name of this association shall be the South Carolina Association of Assessing Officials.

The purpose of this association shall be to improve the standards of assessment practices; to afford an opportunity for persons interested in taxation and assessment problems to get together for free discussion and the interchange of ideas on problems of mutual concern; to collect information pertaining to the assessment of property and the administration of assessment programs; to disseminate such information as may be of interest and benefit in order to better coordinate property assessments; to strive for equalization of the tax burden and simplicity and uniformity in administration; to provide information to the tax paying public on the true nature and importance of the work performed by assessing officials; to engage in research and studies; to elevate the standards of personnel requirements for assessment officials; to cooperate with other public and private agencies interested in improving tax administration to study and give consideration to such federal, state and local tax legislation that is of interest to assessing officials.


President Memmus Forrest
Vice-President Betty Etheridge
Treasurer Adriane Shealey
Secretary Aimee Boice
Immediate Past President Kyle Johnson
Executive Secretary
Doretta Elliott