Assessors' Association of Pennsylvania

The Assessors' Association of Pennsylvania was founded in 1948 by a group of county assessors with the intent of promoting more education and professionalism in their field. The objectives of AAP are to:

  1. Improve assessment practices in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
  2. Provide for the collection, distribution, and exchange of information relating to the field of assessing among its members
  3. Improve public relations
  4. Inform members of legislation intended to improve assessment functions
  5. Cooperate with other interested agencies in the promotion of the objectives of this Association and
  6. Encourage a fair and just distribution of the tax burden


President Melissa Border
President-Elect Angelia Tennies
Larry Shubert
Treasurer Deborah Crawford
Secretary Mark Kellerman
Immediate Past President
Charles "JR" Hardester
Executive Director Doug Hill