Association of Municipal Assessors of New Jersey

As the Association of Municipal Assessors of New Jersey, we have the statutory duty of assessing real property within our districts and administrating the laws governing local assessments. We do this to the best of our ability and know that we can't always give you the answer that you want. We strive to learn each day and to better educate the taxpayers in the complicated field of property tax in our great state of New Jersey.


President Diane Hesley
Tri County VP James Mancini
Tri County VP Tim Henderson
Tri County VP Greg Hutchinson
Tri County VP Terri Paglione
Tri County VP George Librizzi
Tri County VP Lynne Schweighardt
Tri County VP
Phil Duchesneau
Secretary Michelle Hennessey
Treasurer Lee Ann Russ
Immediate Past President Martin Lynch
Sergeant-At-Arms Martin Blaskey