North Central Regional Association of Assessing Officers

NCRAAO is a volunteer organization dedicated to assessment education and professionalism. The purpose of the Association is to organize an Annual Conference on Assessment Administration.

It shall be the further purpose of this Association to improve the standards of assessment practice by providing a means of education for association members through collective expression on all matters pertaining to property tax assessment especially in the member States.

NCRAAO works closely with the International Association of Assessing Officers to achieve these objectives.

NCRAAO provides an avenue for education and professional development. The organization consists of eleven states: North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin. These states are homogeneous as all are part of the north central prairie section of the United States and have multiple rural jurisdictions.

The NCRAAO Annual Conference provides an opportunity to learn new skills, network, review new hardware and software, and share experiences that will enhance appraisal practices. Past conferences have been held throughout the north central region. The first NCRAAO Annual Conference was held in Wisconsin in 1976.


President Shannon Rittberger
President-Elect Dixie Saunders
Vice President Michelle Robinson
Treasurer Rownea Gerbracht
Secretary Dixie Saunders
Past President Patrick Burns

Jami Clark