Korea Association of Property Appraisers

KAPA is the affiliated organization of Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs and has been faithfully fulfilling our responsibilities on investigating valuation of the "officially announced Reference Land and Housing Price," appraisal for eminent domain and auction & litigation appraisal for about 30 years, stabilize the real estate market, and ultimately, contribute to the development of the national economy. In the future, we will extend our capability for our member's rights and improvement of our quality through the continuous study and improvement of appraisal method and systems and also play the leading role for not only the appraisal field but also the development of real estate industry by offering information services of the general real estate practice and new trends in the world market.


President Ki-Ho Kook
Standing Vice-President Min-Hee Kwak
Vice-President, Planning Director  Hyun-Cheol Jin 
Vice-President, Ethic and Arbitration Director Wook Kim
Vice-President, General Director In-Sun Hwang
Team Manager Jinwoo Jang