Asociación Profesional de Sociedades de Valoración

ATASA is the Professional Association of Valuation Societies, a non-profit organization founded in 1985. It is constituted by the main companies of the sector of the appraisal. Its partners conduct all sorts of evaluations, with quality, speed and reliability.

The fundamental objectives of the Association can be summarized as follows:

  • Representation of partners and appraisal activity before the Public Administration and society in general
  • Establish technical standards, professional ethics and professional conduct
  • Defense of the quality of the valuation works
  • Realization of reports and opinions, in matters of arbitration, requested by the State, public entities or their associates
  • Promoting vocational training
  • Study and proposal to the public authorities of actions necessary for the defense and prestige of the sector
  • Establishment of agreements for collaboration and exchange of information



President Luis Leirado Campo
Vice-President Luis Candela Sanchis
Treasurer Pascal Nunez Delgado
Secretary Leandro S. Escobar-Torres