Stacey Ford Award

Named after Stacey Ford, a former IAAO membership manager who was a great booster and supporter of IAAO programs and outreach, this award recognizes the “IAAO Representative of the Year” who has made an outstanding effort to promote IAAO during the award period. The award recipient is determined by Rep points earned for all reported activities and achievements. Currently serving IAAO Representatives are eligible for this award.

Year Recipient
2023 Karen Beattie, RES
2021 Donna Vandervries, CAE, AAS, PPS, Esq. 
2020  Donna Vandervries, CAE, AAS, PPS, Esq. 
2019 Greg Hutchinson
2018  Stuart Topliff 
Tim Boncoskey 
Tim Boncoskey
2015 Ryan A. Hatch 
2014 Tina Stone, PPS
2013 Ray Beattie, Jr.
2012 Al Gaines
2011 Esther E. Martinez
2010 Robert P. Graham, II, AAS
2009 Melinda C. Fonda
2008 George Donatello, CMS
2007 George Donatello, CMS
2006 George Donatello, CMS
2005 George Donatello, CMS
2004 George Donatello, CMS
2003 George Donatello, CMS
2002 George Donatello, CMS