Property Tax Achievement Award

This award is presented to a public official or agency that has made an outstanding contribution to the improvement of property tax administration and the realization of the IAAO mission through an executive, legislative or judicial action. The action cited in the nomination must represent an affirmation of IAAO goals and/or Technical Standards and must have taken place in the two years prior to nomination. Any public official who is not an assessment administrator and public agencies that are not assessing jurisdictions or revenue agencies may be eligible for nomination.

Year Recipient Agency/Location
No award presented   
No award presented   
2015  New Mexico State Legislature  New Mexico
2014 No award presented
2013 No award presented  
2012 Senator Lucia Guzman and Representative Dan Pabon Colorado General Assembly
2011 No award presented  
2010 No award presented  
2009 The Honorable Wayne A. Harper Utah House of Representatives
2008 No award presented  
2007 Valuation and Lands Agency
Belfast, Northern Ireland
2006 No award presented  
2005 No award presented  
2004 No award presented  
2003 Chris Good, Chief Financial Officer
City of Calgary
2002 No award presented  
2001 New York State Office of Real Property Services  
2000 No award presented  
1999 No award presented  
1998 The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
Paris, France
1997 No award presented  
1996 No award presented  
1995 No award presented  
1994 Centro de Recaudacion Ingresos Municipales (CRIM)
San Jaun, PR
1993 Jan Brzeski
Krakow, Poland
1992 No award presented  
1990 No award presented  
1989 Senator Fred A. Kerr Kansas State Senate
1988 Wisconsin Land Records Committee
Madison, WI
1987 U.S. Senator Robert W. Frisby Wyoming
1986 Representative P. Wayne Goode Missouri House of Representatives
1985 Lincoln Institute of Land Policy