Ian W. McClung Global Award

Named after Ian W. McClung, a Canadian who served as IAAO’s 48th president and was a strong advocate for IAAO’s international presence, this award is presented to an IAAO member whose efforts have improved the development of valuation professionals around the world and encouraged the advancement of the assessment community in a global environment. Nominations may be submitted for published articles, activities and programs presented at an international level. Previous winners and IAAO officers are not eligible.

Year Recipient Location
2020  None Given   
2019 Terry Taylor, CAE, RES, AAS Florida
2018  Rick Singh, CFA Florida 
Jan Gieskes Netherlands
Greg Stevens
2015 Richard L. Sanderson Oregon
2014 Kenneth Wilkinson
2013 none given  
2012 none given  
2011 Sally Powers Massachusetts
2010 Richard R. Almy Illinois
2009 Willy Govender South Africa
2008 Panagiotis Zentelis Greece
2007 Joseph Eckert, Ph.D. Virginia
2006 none given  
2005 Dr. R. Jerome Anderson Maryland
2004 none given  
2003 none given  
2002 none given  
2001 Richard D. Ward, PhD, CAE, CAMA Ohio
2000 none given  
1999 none given  
1998 Nigel Dermont Woods Ireland
1997 John B. Zimpel Arkansas
1996 none given  
1995 Henk A. Verbrugge
1994 Maria Eugenia Exquivias Mexico
1993 none given  
1992 none given  
1991 Jan Paul Kruimel
1990 Arlo Woolery, CAE Massachusetts