James A. Howze, CAE, Distinguished Research and Development Award

Named after James “Jimmy” A. Howze, CAE, a visionary and one of the earliest developers of computer-assisted mass appraisal, this award is presented to a nonprofit organization, education agency, private-sector firm, public agency or individual(s) for original research in property assessment, taxation or mass appraisal techniques. Any of the above-described organizations or an individual who has provided unique assistance to the valuation profession may be eligible for nomination.

Year Recipient Location
2022 Cook County Assessors Office Illinois
2021 None Given   
2020  None Given   
2019 Gregory S. Brown Florida
2018  IAAO Special Committee on Big-Box Valuation   
Paul Bidanset; Michael McCord, PhD; Peadar Davis, PhD  
Richard A. Borst, PhD Pennsylvania
2015  Julia Freybote, PhD; Alan J. Ziobrowski, PhD; and Paul Gallimore, PhD
2014 Olha Krupa, PhD
2013 Phuong Nguyen-Hoang, PhD  
2012 Jozef Zurada, PhD, Alan Levitan, PhD, and Jian Guan, PhD  
2011 Daphne A. Kenyon and Adam H. Langley  
2010 Cook County Assessor’s Office
2009 IAAO Research Committee-Subcommittee  
2008 George Washington Institute of Public Policy  
  Lincoln Institute of land Policy  
2007 none given  
2006 none given  
2005 Lincoln Institute of Land Policy  
2004 none given  
2003 David C. Wilkes, Esq.  
2002 King County Dept. of Assessments Washington
2001 Gregg Hagopian, David Huebsch, Pat Murphy, Larry Weiss, Pete Weissenfluh  
2000 Patrick O’Connor, REASA, LLC  
1999 Iowa Department of Revenue and Finance Iowa
1998 Clark County New York
  Alberta Assessors Association in partnership with Alberta Municipal Affairs Alberta
1997 Harris County Appraisal District Texas
1996 Illinois Department of Revenue Illinois
1995 Project on Assessing Officials’ Education and Professionalism  
1994 Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts Texas
1993 None  
1992 John Birch, Mark Sunderman, and Thomas Hamilton, University of Wyoming Wyoming
1991 Mississippi State Tax Commission and Mississippi State University Mississippi
  John Birch, Mark Sunderman, and Thomas Hamilton, University of Wyoming Wyoming
1990 Iowa State Assessor’s Association Iowa
  Texas State Property Tax Board Texas
  Stanislau County
1989 Kansas Department of Revenue, Property Valuation Division Kansas
  Oklahoma County Assessor’s Office Oklahoma
1988 Texas State Property Tax Board Texas
1987 Texas State Property Tax Board Texas
  Tennessee Chapter of IAAO Tennessee
  David Doane and Richard Southern, Oakland County
1986 R. Doyle Pugmire, Gooding County  
  John Knapple, Twin Falls County  
  Scott Erwin, Idaho State Tax Commission Idaho
1985 Joint Board of the Tax Assessors, City of Atlanta and Fulton County Georgia
1984 Institute for Research on Land and Water Resources, Pennsylvania State University Pennsylvania
1983 Lucas County Auditor’s Office Ohio