Online Course FAQ

Q: How long does a typical cohort or live online course last?

A:  When you take an IAAO cohort course, chapters are released on a weekly basis with 2 additional weeks to take the final exam. Total time for an IAAO course is typically 6 weeks. IAAO live online courses will occur two days a week for two weeks and you will have a block of dates from which to choose to take the course exam.

Q: How long does a self-study course last? 

A: Self-Study courses are active for 90 days.

Q: How do I contact the instructor?

A: During a cohort course, you have the option to email the instructor any questions you have. The instructor also may hold “office hours” for live responses to your questions and concerns. Instructor access for live online courses is the same as it would be for an in-person classroom course.

Q: How much do cohort and live online courses cost?

A: $499 USD for IAAO Members, $725 USD for Non-Members

Q: How much do self-study courses cost?

A: $399 USD for IAAO Members, $625 USD for Non-Members

Q: What do I need to use ProctorFree, IAAO's online proctor service?          

A: IAAO understands that not everyone wants or needs to take an exam. However, if you do want to take the exam associated with a cohort or live online course, you will need a built-in or external webcam, a quiet/private environment, and a reliable internet connection. Additionally, please review ProctorFree's technical requirements for the software and ensure you can download an application on the computer you will be taking the test on.

Also required is a photo I.D., calculator, and scratch paper. You will be asked to show these items at the start of your exam. 

Q: How long do I have to take a course exam?

A: There is a 3.5 hour time limit, however, most students finish the test in a 60-90 minute time frame.

Q: When and how will I receive my results?

A: After you complete an exam, your exam video is analyzed by ProctorFree and then sent to IAAO for review. You will receive your score and certificate via email within 3 business days after the final course end date (see your Announcements section for details on cohort announcements). Self study results are delivered weekly. 

Q: Can I use notes, books, or reference materials during an online exam?

A: These materials are prohibited. Formulas are provided on your exam.

Q: If I can’t finish a course, can I get an extension?

A: There are no extensions for cohort or live online courses. 

Q: Can I cancel/drop the course?

A: Please review IAAO's cancellation policy.

Q: Can I finish a cohort course early? 

A: The format of the course allows you to the access the course exam at the end of the 4th week. At that time, you may take the exam, thus allowing you to complete the course and exam before the full 6 weeks.

Q: How long do I have access to the material?

A: Course material is available until the final exam expires on the final day of the course.

Q: How do I know if I passed the exam?

A:  After the IAAO reviews your ProctorFree video, you will receive a certificate and official notice via email.

Q: What happens if I don’t pass the exam?

A: After you receive official confirmation of your exam grade, you can apply to retake the exam. This must take place within 45 days of the original exam availability date.

Q: How much does it cost to retake the final exam?

A: $150

Need Help? 

If you need assistance or have general questions about any of the items on this page, please contact the Professional Development Department at or 816-701-8100. If you have a specific question about a course or are having trouble accessing your online course, please submit a ticket. Office hours are 8:00 am–5:00 pm CST.