IAAO made a mark on your career
Now leave your mark at IAAO

The Adler Building, built in 1908 and located in historic, downtown Kansas City, Missouri, has been home to IAAO Headquarters since 2005. During that time, IAAO has revamped everything from educational services to member benefits to library and research services. With that in mind, it is finally time to revamp the IAAO Headquarters.

Just as IAAO has made a mark on your career, we are now offering the opportunity to leave your mark at IAAO! With every donation greater than $500 by a single individual, chapter or affiliate, jurisdiction, or company, the donor will be permanently commemorated at IAAO Headquarters with their name on a star, and receive a commemorative gift for their home or office.

Donations of $500-$999 receive a small star.
Donations of $1,000 -2,499 receive a medium star.
Donations equal or greater than $2,500 receive a large star.

Your generous donation will fund:

An updated and modernized meeting room with the technology needed to function in today’s global climate.
Alignment with the newly approved Strategic Plan, which shifts resources for the Headquarters Team into functioning units including team “pods” and additional offices in spaces previously used for shipping and storage.

As a reminder, IAAO is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization so your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowed by the IRS. Please consult your tax professional for more information.

Donations must be made prior to December 31, 2022. Donations can be made on our website by credit card, or contact IAAO for other options.

Donate Online

All checks should be sent to:

IAAO (Building Renovation Fund)
PO Box 29900 Dept. 929
Phoenix, AZ 85038-0900

A donation will not only strengthen IAAO but will also cement your legacy in IAAO history!

Thank you to all of our 2022 donors!

 Ashley Lathrop, MBA  Robert Welsey Carter, Jr, AAS  Kevin W. Prine, RES, AAS
 Brent D. Dornon, RES, AAS  R Scott Hartman  Debra McGuire, MBA, IOM, CAE
 Amanda Blundell  Gregory T. Hutchinson  Rebecca L. Malmquist, CAE
 Wade Patterson  Grady Cecil Jackson, Jr, RES, AAS  Ryan Cavanah, CAE
 Marcy L. Martin, AAS  William H. Healey, Jr, RES  Greg McHenry, AAS
 Dinah L. Kilgore  Robert T. Lee, Esq, AAS  Brian Roland Gay
 Kara B. Endicott, CAE, RES  Geoffrey Propheter  Joseph Turner
 Jennifer Lanser  Terry R. Taylor, CAE, RES, AAS  Frederick M. Chmura, AAS, FIAAO
 Minnesota Association of Assessing Officers  Patrick Alesandrini, CAE, RES  Willie Donwell
 Tracy C. Lindsey, RES  Kenneth W. Voss, CAE   T. Dwane Brinson, CAE, RES, AAS
 Kansas County Appraisers Association  Michigan Assessors' Association