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Complex Property Valuation: Hotels and Drugstores
The Income Capitalization Approach for Skilled Nursing Facilities
Price is What You Pay, Value is What You Get - The Valuation of Mall Department Stores
That Which Causes Us Trials Shall Yield Us Triumph - The Role of the Valuation Witness in the Assessment Appeal Process
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Assessment Policies and Practices Webinar
It's Time for a Roundup, the Appeals have Stampeded!
Foreclosure Sales and the Mass Appraisal Process
Wind Farms 101
Cell Tower and Carrier Equipment Valuations / Intangibles in Commercial Properties: Are They a Real Thing? (Double Header Webinar)
Cash Modeling in an Accrual World
Nursing and Senior Housing Valuation Techniques and Trends
Valuation of Hospitals and Surgical Centers
Face of Customer Service in the Assessment Office
Golf Course Valuation: Identifying and Isolating the Real Estate
Condominium Assessment - Issues and Answers
Defending a Commercial Assessment Using Three Approaches
Subsidized Housing - Valuation Options May Seem Closer Than They Appear
Evaluating the Costs of Litigation
What You Don't Know Can Hurt You: Taking Control of Your Online Brand
Demystifying Commercial Property Appraisal Technology
The Secrets to Hotel Casino Valuation: A Clark County (Las Vegas) Perspective
Valuation of Time Shares
Zen and the Art of Hotel Valuation
Cap Rates: Rates, Returns, Risks & Rewards
What's Normal About Income and Expense Data?
Income and Expense Data Leading to Annual Assessments
Avoiding Hazards: Challenges of Golf Course & Club Valuation
Cap Rates and Valuation Metrics from REITS
Rental Data Analysis: Data Cleaning
Excel Can Do That?
Writing a Press Release For Your Assessing Office
Experts on Evidence
Deliver Compelling & Captivating PowerPoint Presentations
Becoming a Mobile Assessor
Research Like a Pro
Waterfront Property Evaluation
IAAO Designations: Review and Reveal
Update on Outdoor Advertising
Excel Can Do That? Part 2
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Modeling
Fill 'Er Up - Gas Station and C-Store Valuation Methods
Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say
Dirt is Just Dirt, Isn't It? - Agricultural Land Valuation
Using the Census Bureau's ACS for Assessment Officials
The Importance of Customer Service & Information Technology
1,000 County Indicators and More-NACo's County Explorer Tool
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Spatial Modeling
NACo's County Explorer Tool: Profiles, Benchmarking and More
Valuation of Underperforming Regional Malls
Writing a Successful Demonstration Report
Developing Effective Age Models
Supersize Me! The Valuation of Corporate Headquarters
Cap It Off! Real World Cap Rate Development Methods